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Nutrition and Health

A symbol of health food in recent years, the meat is going through a period, just to stay on, lean.
Guilty of a company is increasingly afflicted by overweight and cholesterol, in which lurk the ghosts of mad cow disease, avian influenza, animal meal and estrogen.
In parallel, the sense of disgust for the cruel methods of farming and the perception of the meat as a food product of social inequalities, has contributed to the spread of sensitivity and vegetarian. But is well established that the meat an area rich in natural proteins required by our body to get the right energy food.
But also it contains vitamins and important minerals that have the adjustment function and are essential to our well-being.
The meat can memorize options and it should play a vital role in our diet, given its multiple benefits: is rich in easily assimilated proteins in our bodies, it contains nutrients of high quality, including many essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and has a low fat content.
An energy source, available in a wide range of types and tastes, which should be taken in more times a week.
The ideal to meet their own needs with taste.

Nutrition Facts

The pork improves.
This is the conclusion of in-depth Italian research that reveals the changes and suggests the healthiest cooking.
The data speak of a minor amount of salt and cholesterol (in sausages and meat), of a high nutritional value and adequate amounts of iron, B vitamins, zinc, copper and selenium.
The review of the nutritional profiles of some cuts pigs, accomplished by INRAN (now merged with the CRA: Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture) and Assica (Industrial Association of meat and sausages) twenty years after the last survey highlights positive aspects and in some ways expected.

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New studies are reassessing the pork as a food to be included in the diet to maintain health.
fertility and riches symbol in Norse mythology, food unclean in Muslim culture, the pork plays today in our Mediterranean diet, a new look.
Always known by our grandmothers as a high-calorie dish impact, due to its high content of cholesterol and fat, the pork was recently re-evaluated for its nutritional properties.
According to the latest study by Jose Bernardo Guerra Aguilar, professor of Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, the pork is revealed, in fact, an excellent food to regulate blood pressure.
Rich in potassium, protein and vitamin B, the pig can now get into pole position for a healthy diet.
So off to the most varied recipes: pork is finally served!