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We produce high quality local sausages without compromise

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Our history

As in the beginning the company's goal is always to the continuous improvement of the product, to exalt the peculiar characteristics of kindness and genuineness, in more than catch some fundamental canons as the use of selected raw materials, the most scrupulous observance hygiene standards in the various stages of processing and stringent quality controls.
The love and care for the good things, the passion for the job and the constant attention to the evolution of the most current nutritional and technological trends, are part, as always, the story of Spina Sausage.
Strong of an experience that has been handed down for generations, we feed our great passion with the success that we charge a daily basis with our customers, who choose us every day because transmit confidence and certainty.
All this has been achieved over the years through the word of mouth which allowed us to be appreciated and recognized, and which is now supported by significant marketing investments.
Throughout the company, the Spina family to employees who work there, is united by a strong spirit of cooperation and, above all, a love for the work and traditions.